Honesty will prevail

“The problem with rose coloured glasses, is you don’t see the red flags”

Wonda Pierce

As a child, student and adult I assumed opportunity and a just system would look after the betterment of society; it was up to one’s self to make wise choices being able to enjoy the benefits. I did not want to accept I may have had moments of bad luck or I was put into some unfortunate experiences perhaps because of my poor choices. My innocence, naive optimism and willful blindness focused my faith on notions like, things always have a way of working out, it is what it is, these are the cards you were dealt, and so on.

My glasses are finally off and I have now seen the world for what it is and it is time to act on collective change.

Dream Big.

I see that we are at pinnacle of a hyper individualized society with such extreme polarizing views. We get our Ps and Qs from the Kardashians, reality TV, TMZ and social media. I understand the younger generation navigating their own values, deciphering external and internal pressures of what makes them whole. Yet, I am in awe of how many people my age continuously pose and post mythical version of one’s life. Yes, there is nothing wrong with taking a selfie if it makes the individual feel good about themselves but why do we need to post that selfie and what was influencing us to choose that one picture out of the 100s we took for that one post? We are constantly comparing ourselves to the edited pictures on one’s Instagram or the latest Tweet and critiquing every action and word one makes. In today’s world, everything can be called out or part of a disappearing culture.

We have a society of not knowing who we are and we are afraid to articulate our beliefs and values. We need to stop being so hyper focused on the “lives” that others portray on social media, and cohesively come together and amplify the voice of the ignored, recognize all inequities, pay attention to the destruction of the environment and everyone. Collectively, let’s come together for the common good. One honest authentic voice can have a profound impact on one self, a family, a community and a society. Together our voices are unequivocal. Let’s come together and make this world a better place.