Finding Empowerment in Resilience

My core beliefs became my survival skills or my resilience, the more common term used now.

I start and end each day with gratitude for my personal assets, none that have a monetary value. I model and mentor simple hardworking values, first for myself, family, friends, co-workers but more importantly strangers for continuous learning and growth together. This is a community and I believe we need to be more caring and neighbourly. The community needs to be the catchment and embrace for – what and who is: and what and who is to follow – our next generation. Simply saying hello, good morning or genuinely asking how someone is, then to stop and listen to their response has a positive, profound impact that takes very little effort.

Empower & Mentorship

Hope is always accompanied by the imagination the will to see what our physical environment seems to deem impossible.
Only the creative mind can make use of hope.
Only creative people can make use of it.

Jericho Brown

Like J Brown, creatively I now see hope in everything I do. If I am told I can’t do something, creatively I think of a way I can. During COVID-19 there was an increase in liquor sales and domestic violence (DV), as expected in times of stress and confinement to one’s home. How could the public messaging get out more broadly then radio or media? Abuse is directly related to substance misuse yet I knew first hand many women in DV relationships would have the freedom to purchase liquor for their batterers. I was able to bring two key players together to support the cause and better educate society: Sagesse ( and Highlander Wine and Spirits ( to put DV messaging on their website and on their receipts. This initiative has had a positive impact and took very little effort.

My life choices have provided me with many intangible assets and endless possibility. Resilience illuminates opportunities where most see none. I know my lived experience can inform those making policy providing hope for myself, my family, friends and the community. I will continue to creatively encourage hope with social progress knowing policy will follow. Please stay tuned for more to come.