United We Are Stronger

When we unite and collaborate, then we are stronger. Together, we can influence change for a more inclusive, diverse and accountable society. It is my ambition to lead with purpose and help others to move through the silence that creates isolation and despair. We have the ability and power to influence change when we leverage the weakest among our community and become the strongest as a collective.

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Names matter. They can certainly affect your life.  Rebecca Eckler First, I was honoured followed by many emotions when asked to contribute to Rebecca Eckler’s newsletter. After making sense of my fluctuating emotions my message is: If complaining Karen could only advocate for good instead of being limited to the present-day pejorative definition, then perhaps...
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Feminism. It’s a word, a title, an insult, and a political movement. Ask your family, friends, coworkers, or the random person sitting next to you on the bus what they think of when you say the word “feminism.” Some will say it’s empowering but a lot of other people will say it’s bullshit. Why are...
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